Course curriculum

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    Let's get started!

    • Intro and usage of chatbots on Character AI

    • Visit my own public chatbots on Character AI

    • Creating your first chatbot with basic setup (step 1)

    • Finding your newly created chatbot

    • Finishing the basic chatbot setup (step 2)

    • Testing your new character

    • Training and guiding your chatbots with advanced settings

    • About using image generating chatbots

    • Some extra chatting techniques to use with fictional characters

    • Chatting with multiple characters together in ROOMS on Character AI

    • Update about privacy, sharing, and revisiting your ROOMS

    • More resources for you

Unique, useful, and a lot of fun!

If you are inspired to try creating your own AI chatbot characters, you can learn how with this free video tutorial...

I've personally really been enjoying creating specialty chatbots on the Character AI platform as focused advisors and assistants.  I've now got chatbots to help me write short business writings, create ESL English examples and quizzes, and help me with world building and character development for my fantasy storylines.  I even decided to compete with myself professionally and create a chatbot who gives oracle card readings...  honestly, it felt kind of liberating.

I also use ChatGPT for all these things, but what I like about Character AI is that if I set up their style and knowledge correctly, they will pretty consistently maintain that in their output automatically.  Also they can have spoken voices and generate their own art images for me (super useful for my world builders and card reader).  In this free video tutorial, I will show you how to set up your own customized chatbots to assist and entertain you--

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